A Balinese delight

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juni 1, 2015 door jolifedelights

Tempe manis

While traveling the island of Bali, I couldn’t get enough of tempe manis. Tempe is made of boiled soy beans that have been pressed dry and then fermented. It comes in hard blocks. Tempe manis is a dish that add hot and sweet flavours to the soybeans. I followed a cooking course in Ubud and hereby sharing you a recipe from the course.

Tempe Manis

Ingredients:Tempe manis
200 gr Tempe
1 tbs dark brown sugar or palm sugar 2 cloves of garlic
1 tbs chili paste -sambal- (or 1 fresh chili peper)
pinch of salt
pinch of peper
1/2 leek (optional)
Frying oil

1. Cut the tempe into strips. I like the tempe crunchy so I dry it in the oven for about 10 min on 175C.
2. Fry the tempe in generous amount of oil until it just starts to turn brown. Set it aside.
3. Pour out the leftover oil until about 2tbs is left. Fry chopped garlic and chilli paste.
4. Mix in salt and peper. Add tempe, cutted leek and remove from the heat.
5. Finally, add the sugar and mix it well. The tempe should have absored all the right flavours to give a taste of wonderful Bali.

Î like to serve the dish with white rice and some peanut sauce.


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